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Posted by Jon Kunz on Nov 2, 2017 9:51:05 AM
Jon Kunz

St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School recently held an Upper School Information Night as a part of the admission process.  Honestly, we were blown away by the positive feedback and the level of interest generated after the event from families who attended, those who missed it, and those who are just discovering us.  And we've listened to you! That's why we are excited to share with you some video footage we gathered from the evening. 

We think these videos best answer the questions that students and parents really want answered. These insights shared by community members including a current parent, an alumnus, and a diverse panel of current students help tell our story. Enjoy watching!

Hear how SSSAS supports students to lead a balanced life in and outside the classroom.  Students are encouraged to prioritize and self-advocate while working with teachers and advisors to mitigate unncessary stress.

Students answer questions about their favorite classes. Our faculty bring subjects to life using relevant life topics, projects and in class discussions.

Students discuss things they learned about SSSAS after becoming students. Shared is information about the wide variety of clubs offerings as well as the suppport and encouragment to try new activities and to challenge themselves academically.
Members of the student panel address head-on the misconceptions about the typical SSSAS student.  From our artists and arithmeticians to our athletes and academics, our Saints of all faiths are passionate and driven in their pursuits.
A question and answer session wouldn't be complete without discussing field trips. Our panelists cover performing arts, international student trips during Spring and Summer breaks as well as bonding opportunities and educational trips.  
Students reflect on what they would do differently if given an opportunity to go back in time and do it again.  Seeking out more leadership activities, engaging in more extra-curricular activiites and taking more challenging classes are some items they discuss.

If you have your own questions you want to discuss, I encourage you to schedule an interview. Or if you are ready, you can take the next step.Request Mailed Materials from St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School

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