'Tis the Season for Admission Playdates!

Posted by Katherine Carbo on Nov 30, 2018 3:52:34 PM
Katherine Carbo

I want to start by saying our Saturday School Visit may just be the best day of my year. Something magical happens the day your children visit our school.

As a parent you might be opening the email invitation with apprehension. You could be thinking: will they separate without crying, will they participate, will they listen?!!!

This is what we are thinking on the other end: 41270958275_6e5f4409c5_zI wonder what they will love to explore in the classroom, I wonder how many smiles we will see and exclamations of joy we will hear when we start the hula hoop game, I wonder what friendships will be made?!!!

At SSSAS prospective students will work one-on-one, in a small group, and in a large group. Sharing with peers, listening to directions from an adult and following directions are important parts of their visit. Here are 5 tips to prepare for your private school visit (Admission Playdate).


Arrive at your designated time
We stagger our visits to ensure our groups are small which means we have multiple groups in a given visit day. Trust me when I say every minute is valuable and fun time spent with your children. If you come too early your child may have to wait for their visit to begin. 
Note what type of clothing your child should wear41122030095_ba93367986_k We recommend children wear play clothes and comfortable shoes. On our visit they will have an opportunity to run around, transition to different rooms and play. Children who are able to be mobile tend to be more comfortable.  

Resist the urge to ask an adult how they did when you are reunited
Various educators will be working with your child. We are looking at different skills and recognize that your child is going to have wonderful strengths and areas where they need a little support. Your child will love a warm hug when you reunite. All of the information we gather will be helpful in determining your child's readiness for our program. We all want what is best for your child!
If your child is ill or if they get sick during the visit
If your child is not feeling well the morning of the visit we ask that parents call and let us know that their child is ill. We will reschedule for a different day. Please do not worry. If a child is not feeling well during their visit we will reunite them immediately with their parent. 
Take a deep breathWe will do all that we can to ensure they feel safe and secure. The teachers working with your child work with little ones each and every day. They will put them right at ease. If you have any specific concerns prior to your child's visit please do let the Admission Director know. We have lots of years of practice and lots of tricks up our sleeve to help your child feel comfortable. 

Wishing you a wonderful start to this festive season!

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