High School Exam Preparation and Planning Tips

Posted by Dr. Jamie Segraves, Associate Director of Upper School on Dec 11, 2018 2:01:56 PM

Part of preparing for exams is not so much recalling information but rather putting the information in context and being organized.

Happy Girl in LibraryBefore Your Exam Review Day for each subject:

  1. Organize Materials.
    1. Collect old tests and quizzes and put them in chronological order or by topic
    2. Be sure that you have all of your notes in one place (this also includes handouts and review sheets that you may have received during the study of each unit)
    3. Locate your textbooks, workbooks, and any supplementary materials during the semester
  2. Replace any missing materials.
    1. If you are missing notes, copy them from another student or ask your teacher for help in filling the gaps
    2. If you are missing old tests or quizzes, photocopy a classmate’s or ask your teacher if they have an extra copy that you could have
  3. Identify difficult subjects and make a plan for getting extra help or special review time with teachers.
  4. Use Study Hall time and lighter homework nights to start your review.
You got this

On Your Review Day

  1. Review Guides are valuable resources! If your teachers provide study guides or review sheets for exams, you should bring them to class on the review day. Note on the guide, the points your teachers mentions for each topic. If you aren't provided a Review Guide, make one using: 

    1. Topics discussed in class during the Review Day
    2. The syllabus given at the start of the class year
    3. Material from your previous tests and/or the review guides you organized before review day
  2. Figure out what you know and what you don’t know. Use your review guide to focus your study time on these areas you want to improve.

Preparation is the name of the game. You got this!

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