Giving thanks ~ finding goodness through gratitude

Posted by Jon Kunz on Nov 21, 2017 1:58:06 PM
Jon Kunz

One of the most beautiful things about this time of year is the celebration of thanks.  If you are fortunate enough to work at a school, you have the wonderful opportunity to engage young minds on the importance of giving thanks.  Often, during the elementary school years, the focus is on the simple and tangible things in life - parents, grandparents, friends, pets, etc.  Indeed, one of the highlights of the year for many at our lower school is the annual Blessing of the Animals chapel service.  For many of our youngest students, this is the first time they take part in a celebration of thanks.  It is a moment they meet with joy and excitement.

The middle and upper school divisions (grades 6-12) participated recently in an amazing Veterans Day Assembly giving thanks to our service men and women.  Our students and faculty worked long and hard to create an event balanced with the perfect amount of gratitude, patriotism, and a call to serve in something bigger than themselves.  It resonated organically with our students who are surrounded by adults striving to live their life not just as consumers, but as servants for the greater good.  It also resonated with our veterans whom we embrace for safeguarding our freedoms.  

Although the thread that connects these two events might be hard to see at first, if you look close enough, the simplicity of the connection will make you smile.  The thread is made strong by relationships.  If you are lucky enough to find a community built upon relationships, the idea of serving one another and giving thanks for the shared experience feels natural and comforting.  At Stephen's and St. Agnes School, we are very lucky.

So as we all prepare to spend time with our friends and family this week, the admission office at St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School would like to thank YOU for spending time with us.  We are grateful for the opportunity to meet such a diverse group of families on a daily basis.  Each day, when we retreat back to our desk to reflect, it is impossible to hide OUR smiles.  We smile because of the new relationships we forged that day.  We smile because of shared experiences and passions.  And we smile because of the goodness that shines in you and your children.  

With Gratitude,

The SSSAS Admission Office


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