5 Tips to prepare your junior kindergartner for school

Posted by Katherine Carbo on Aug 27, 2018 12:35:45 PM
Katherine Carbo

As we near the end of our summers and the start of school, below are some ideas for building independence that is such a core focus in JK.

  1. Practice fastening and unfastening seat belts of car seats, as well as entering and exiting the car independently - Developmentally, entering JK students are ready to start mastering how to buckle and unbuckle their own seats, all while working those small muscles. Additionally, this important skills aids a smooth morning and afternoon carpool.
  2. Practice scissor-cutting skills - there are lots of household items where children can easily practice these skills:  let children cut old newspapers and magazines to make idea or favorites collages, cards, play dough, tissue paper, and bubble wrap.  All these objects provide different textures, resistance, small-muscle building, and intrigue for children. They can then use their cuttings to create art.
  3. Practice letter and number recognition -there are many natural and everyday ways to expose children to letters and numbers, as we do not want this to feel like instruction or burdensome for children.  We want the experiences to be organic and fun. Here are just a few you are invited to try: play Eye Spy for letters and numbers at the grocery store, let your child help you draw/write grocery store lists by drawing pictures or writing first letter sounds of the items needed, go on a number/letter hunt in your house, search for items all starting with the same letter, play the alphabet game and brainstorm all words that begin with a specific letter, play "We're Going on a Picnic," or have your child sort and count household items.
  4. Practice zipping and unzipping clothing and bags as appropriate - including the backpack they will use for school, as well as encouraging your child to practice wearing the backpack to get comfortable with this responsibility and "weight," as we will strongly encourage your child to carry their own belongings to and from school as they get in and out of your car and to the classroom.  What a way to grow independence and confidence!
  5. Encourage your child to keep a journal - for drawing, "writing," and sharing ideas and creativity.

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