5 Guiding Principles to the Middle School Schedule

Posted by Quincey Grieve, Middle School Director on Jan 31, 2020 1:10:07 PM

Students explain how the schedule provides them freedom to manage their homework, social life and clubs at school.

The Middle School schedule was developed using five guiding principles: quality learning time, healthy pace for students, access to program, collaboration time and community time.

Our schedule was designed with the interest of our students at the center, and includes exciting features such as 60 minute class periods and four classes in a day, an hour for lunch and recess, and time for collaboration with classmates and teachers. How does this transform the school experience for a middle schooler?

It results in deep and meaningful learning combined with time to discover those untapped talents and interests. Watch and listen to what these Saints say about their school day.

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  1. Quality Learning Time
    Our schedule follows a six-day cycle during which classes rotate, meeting four out of six days, and are 60 minutes. This means there is time learning and collaborating with classmates and their teachers through labs, discussions, or in-class projects. Unhurried time allows students to process and consider the material in the moment.
  2. Healthy Pace for Students
    With four classes meeting each day, minimal time is spent transitioning. Our schedule allows for a reasonable pace so students are not rushing through their day. And because classes do not meet every day, managing homework offers flexibility for students with busy extracurricular lives.
  3. Access to Program
    Our schedule allows for time and opportunities for things such as club meetings, student government, and the literary magazine during the school day. 
  4. Collaboration Time
    We offer Student Teacher Appointment Time (STAT) every afternoon during the academic day. Additionally, teachers have collaboration time among their peers, benefitting both them and their students. 
  5. Community Time
    There is designated time each week for chapel and the Saints Advisory Program, important and valued parts of our Middle School experience that helps our students truly live our mission to pursue goodness as well as knowledge. Students have the opportunity to work with one another and their advisor on important topics, learning from each other and sharing diverse perspectives.

As these middle school students explain, their schedule provides them freedom to manage their academic lives - balancing academic pace, homework, social time and extracurricular pursuits. Experience it for yourself!

6th grade sample schedule


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