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Elevating Awareness and Empathy in our Children

Posted by KiKi Davis on Jan 16, 2018 7:28:34 PM
For years St. Stephen's and St. Agnes' mission has embraced the celebration of diversity by working towards a greater understanding of one another. It is the imperative to "honor the unique value of each of our members as a child of God in a caring community." Empathy is at the heart of this.

When we talk about “elevating awareness and empathy”, we are actually working to build cultural competency in each child through the following measures:
    • Acknowledging differences
    • Understanding identity
    • Examining multiple perspectives
    • Recognizing interconnectedness
    • Valuing diversity
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Are you going to hold them back or send them to Kindergarten?

Posted by Katherine Carbo on Nov 20, 2017 9:00:46 AM

What do I do about Kindergarten next year?

If your child has a late spring, summer, fall or winter birthday you might have been asked this question. 

“Are you going to hold them back or send them to Kindergarten?”
It is a controversial topic with no easy answer and it seems everyone has an opinion!
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Decoding the SSAT and other Spooky Private School Tales!

Posted by Jon Kunz on Oct 31, 2017 12:13:51 PM

If you are reading this information, chances are you have either registered your child to take the SSAT or are in the consideration stage. Regardless, the information below will serve to answer some of your questions regarding the SSAT directly from an admission officer’s point of view. Read on and begin the decoding process!

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Figuring out Private School Fit

Posted by Katherine Carbo on Oct 12, 2017 3:00:00 PM

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed about choosing a school that is the right fit for your family, you are not alone! You are putting pieces of a puzzle together and it takes time. Here are some factors to consider as you go through websites, school materials, and tour schools. 
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Become Ready!

Practical Advice for Parents of School-Aged Children

Through this blog we intend to share the ways in which our students become ready. We will highlight our faculty, experts in their fields; we will dive into topics such as the joyfulness of learning, the balance of school and home, college readiness, and service. We hope to offer sound advice and guidance, while also sharing what it really means to be a member of our Saints community.

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